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It is needed to tell them the exact time, which your children can spend near the computer.For example, the children till the age of 6 can spend up to 20 minutes per day near the computer. The children at the age of 7-8 can spend 30-40 minutes near the computer per day.All of our writers have the first-hand knowledge necessary to write quality papers, and we additionally run all papers through a comprehensive proof-reading and anti-plagiarism process in order to ensure that the final product that is delivered to you is flawless.

We are aware that there is much more to the field than simple tasks such as programming, web development, and basic building and repair and our writers have produced custom essays in a range of areas related to computers and technology.Also, it is needed to control the time, which your children spend near the computer in order to prevent some health problems, for example with the eyes.The parents should see the great interest in it and to avoid the situations, where the parents want to relax from the hard working day and it is better for them to let their children to play in different computer games, then to play with them or to do something useful.It is better to play with them in some games, which can develop their mind.The list of the useful games, which you can show to your children, is possible to order on our site in essay on computers.The detailed information you can get ordering the life without computers essay. Our children have now everything, which we even could not dream about in our childhood.But a lot of people worry about the influence, which the computer has on their children. The influence of the computer is in the fact, that it catches the attention of the children and they can spend a lot of time there.It seems that we have them everywhere: at the working place, at home.Our children were born in the world, where the computer is the usual thing like the bus, mobile phone or something like that.Only you can control how many hours they spend near the computer or which games they are playing.Computer for the little children If you have the little children, it seems, that they do not need a personal computer for school or something like that.

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