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Our tools have led to the discovery and characterization of many of the known classes of bacterial riboswitches, and point to the presence of thousands of novel nc RNAs in the human genome. Identifying the Genetic Basis of Complex Traits (Lee) Humans differ in many observable qualities, termed "phenotypes", ranging from appearance to disease susceptibility.Many phenotypes are largely determined by each individual's specific "genotype", stored in the 3.2 billion bases (A, C, G, and T) of his or her DNA sequence.

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Given orthologous input sequences and the evolutionary tree relating them, we have developed a practical phylogenetic footprinting algorithm that identifies the best conserved sites.

Such tasks require molecular systems that operate autonomously in complex environments, sensing and responding to molecular events.

To enable this "molecular programming revolution" we will have to develop the right computational models that allow us to describe and specify molecular behaviors.

Computational Molecular Biology Overview Molecular Biology has become an information science with close ties to Computer Science.

Large databases and sophisticated algorithms have become essential tools for biologists seeking to understand complex biological systems, determine the functions of nucleotide and protein sequences, or reconstruct the course of evolution.

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