Comparison Essay Being Rich Being Famous

There are some people who are famous but not rich, such as Gandhi, who devoted his whole life doing charity for the poor. But if there is a choice to be made whether to aim for a goal either to be famous or to be rich, it is better to be wealthy than famous, because wealth always individual to help society while still to live a wealthy life style. And most of the time, people make celebrities words as quotes and use them every day.

Not only that famous people admire people and have control on them, but also famous people are remembered by the society.

Being rich, he can have many things that a famous person might not has.

First and foremost, the lifestyle of a rich person is much better than a famous person.

Furthermore, famous movie stars have a more stressful lifestyle.

It cannot be denied that they often followed by paparazzi, thus some of the unwanted news about them will be shown on television or printed in magazines and newspaper.

However, some rich people might not be famous as they are fortunate to be born with a silver spoon.

In my opinion, a person should put more efforts on their studies and career in order to be rich and famous.

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