Comparing And Contrasting Buddhism And Hinduism Essay

are the religions that were originated in the Indian region.Buddhism and Hinduism are two religions that were founded and created in India.When Hindus reach paradise, liberated from reincarnation, their soul merges with God who is one with the universe.Jains believe the soul remains intact in paradise, living as an individual in perfection.Hindus believe events in this life are attributed to actions of previous lives and the karma produced during them.

However, the most recent of the twenty-four Great Teachers in Jainism, Mahavira, lived around 500 B. He strongly opposed Hinduism, its rituals, and the caste system, a social stratification based on inherited status.As far as scholars can ascertain, Hinduism likely began before 2,000 B. Hindus believe in the cycle of creation and destruction in all things and that God is a creator and destroyer with many forms.Hindu gods are manifestations of this greater God that, in essence, is one with all existence.Jains do not believe the gods choose who may be liberated.Instead, they believe it is a person's responsibility to cleanse themselves of karma and in doing so, release the divinity of their own soul, delivering them to Moksha.They believe in karma as a spiritual force that binds with the soul through a person's actions and that it continues with the soul from one life to the next through reincarnation.Because life is often filled with suffering, they seek to step off the wheel of reincarnation to reach paradise.By sharing the same culture and regional context, both religions share some aspects.One of the similarities they share is the belief in reincarnation, also they share the concept that the attachment to material things and to people can lead to suffering.One of them is the fact that Buddhists believe that anyone can achieve enlightenment, where Hindus have a caste system, in which not everyone can achieve enlightenment.Also, in traditional Buddhism there are no gods, while Hinduism is known for the hundreds of gods they praise.

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