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Furthermore, after we set a destination, this app gives us some different plans for our traveling, and then recommends the best route for us immediately, so we just need to follow the voice navigation.In a word, we are able to go the right way easily, because we know our location clearly ( the moment we wake up to the time we go to bed, we rely on technology.It has evolved from a bystander role, to being an integral part of our lives.As the Google map of phone version is more and more widely used, when we are driving, biking and walking, Google maps can be a voice-guided GPS.In addition, Google maps offers live traffic conditions, so we can manage our schedules before we left home.

(Lawlor) Instead of face to face connections and how things were since the beginning of human existence, everything has shifted towards online interactions and web based CHANGES IN TECHNOLOGY Introduction The way business is conducted today differs completely from the way it was done decades ago.

We have indeed travelled a long distance to get to this point but the one thing that we need to understand that anything in excess is not good for you.

Communication and Technologyby Jun Song Course name: Globalization and Internat Affirs Student name: Jun Song With the development of economy, smart-phones are becoming a considerable part of our lives.

Sometimes, if we want to send a big file to other people, we have to upload an attachment, it takes so much time,...

devices have become fixtures in daily life over the past two decades, with much of the technology transitioning from innovation to commodity in the past 10 years.

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