Communication Law Enforcement Essay

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In ancient Egypt, a pharaoh reined over the land and his army of soldiers pursued the Israelites through the Red Sea.The objective is to show the advancements in technology that will aid our law enforcement agencies and police in fighting crime and to stop crime before it happens.This paper explains how the role of police officer has slowly changed up until the 21st century.The Romans had an incredibly efficient and brutal mode of law enforcement that was established in order to uphold peace and enforce order.The Roman citizens never actually had an authentic police force, it wasn’t until clan chiefs and state leaders were required to protect their people, back in the 5th century that police forces were established (Uchida, 1993). In June of 1800, Scotland established the Glasgow city police department.When civic policing was originally established in London in 1829, the focus was on stopping crime before it started: The community and the officials themselves looked upon the goal of policing as the “nonexistence of crime.” The original police officers in the U. were called “peace officers”; nevertheless, a markedly American approach of policing started to transpire in the States subsequent to the ending of the Civil War.As early settlers colonized the West, they realized they had to protect themselves from the natives.Since the year 2000, everything has been quickly changing.New technologies have provided criminals with a whole new class of crimes and have also made it extremely difficult for them to get caught.Although there has been a trend of consolidating law enforcement agencies, over the years, there is still a large resistance to the idea.Many states have merged agencies and have become more efficient in the way of service but many more a slow to realize the benefits of merging when it comes to fighting globalized crimes.

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