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Social and community network which can be manipulated by the environment or individual behaviour.

Kim’s previous children are in care, though she is with a new partner (Adam) and they are both expecting, but because of her past behaviour as she is known to social services the unborn child is being consider for adoption. Her previous children were not looked after properly, they are always hungry and she drinks, very dirty as well.

The model of healthcare communication views a broader perspective and includes the external factors that affect the healthcare setting, which persuades the participants and also has an influence on the outcome obtained through interaction.

What are the elements that contribute to healthcare team satisfaction: Feeling supported, e.g., administratively and inter-personally, respected, valued, understood, listened to, having a clear understanding of role, work equity and fair compensation.

Using patient-centered interviewing skills to manage complex patient encounters in primary care.

Adult Nursing [Name of the writer] [Name of the institute] Kozier et al (2004).

Dahlgren and Whitehead (1991) illustrate the relationship between the three layers.

For the purpose of these essay only the layers that relates to Kim will be discuss.

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