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I can relate my own anecdotal experience with Comcast in the Houston area, as I've been a business-class user for a couple of years now. A single static IP and the required equipment rental for the SMC 8014 NAT router add another , and taxes and fees round out the bill to a total of .13 every month.My bandwidth is 16 megabits down and 2 megabits up, and I have a single static IP address. This is without cable TV (I proudly cut the cord more than ten years ago) or Vo IP telephone service; bundling services together can lower your overall bill just as it can with a regular consumer connection.It simply requires that you participate in that grand old American tradition: voting with your wallet.

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Across the board, business-class connections lack bandwidth caps.Some of this blocking is for security—for example, most ISPs block TCP port 25, the default port that SMTP servers use to send e-mail.This helps control the torrent of spam spewed by customers' malware-infected PCs.Some offer dozens of e-mail inboxes and free domain name registrations; most also offer Web hosting, an antivirus service for multiple computers, and some kind of collaboration software like Microsoft Sharepoint.These add-ons are of questionable value to home users, but they definitely have their place when viewed in the context of their intended market. It depends on who your ISP is, where in the country you are, and how fast of a connection you want.They are still monitored for "suspicious" or "excessive" usage—you wouldn't want to run the next Megaupload out of your closet—but worrying about your monthly download quota is no longer necessary.Netflix and Amazon Prime Video fans can stream to their heart's content without worrying about receiving a letter from their ISPs. Most ISPs firewall some inbound and some outbound requests on common low-order TCP ports.And computers and portable devices with ridiculous amounts of storage and processing power mean that everyone is creating content to share, but tiny upload pipes make that sharing unreasonably difficult.But there is another way—a way to get vastly improved customer service experience and a connection free of caps and other restrictions.Compared to other advanced countries, high-speed Internet access in the US is in notoriously sorry shape, with high bills and low customer satisfaction.Even as commercials exhort customers to download music and stream movies, most ISPs are implementing data caps.

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