College Work Essays Apa Quoting A Research Paper

It also presents his strengths -- he is passionate about mechanical engineering and has been for most of his life.The essay succeeds in showing off his strengths at the very time it examines his weaknesses.

It is also free of major errors, introspective, and successful in conveying his passion for mechanical engineering.Within hours of beginning my new job, I learned that my father’s friend was a subcontractor for the military.The components I’d be making would be used in military vehicles.Looking back, I think my decision was one of convenience and cowardice. What if my first job offer has a stunning salary and interesting engineering challenges, but the employer is a defense contractor like Lockheed or Raytheon?Will I turn down the job, or will I once again compromise my ideals? Many engineering professors work under military grants, so my college research and internships could get entangled in messy ethical dilemmas.It’s even possible that my work would be saving lives, not endangering them.On the other hand, nuclear bombs and missile guidance systems were all created by scientists and engineers with good intentions.I like to think that in the future I’ll use my engineering skills to better the world and tackle noble causes like climate change and sustainability.My bad decision this past summer has inspired me to look ahead and find ways to make my ideals and my love of engineering work together.After that first day of work, I had many conflicting thoughts.I’m firmly against the United States’ overuse of military might in the world theater.

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  1. I would like if there was syntax highlighting for programming (Python, Ruby, C, Java, etc.). There are definitely things in this class file that are automated that people would want more control over, so I suggest fiddling around to find what works best for you.