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Renewal will be dependent upon maintaining a 3.0 university wide GPA and submission of a letter of recommendation from a faculty member by the start of Spring Quarter each academic year.

Please note the scholarship only covers tuition and not housing, meal plans or student fees.

A student must be a current, enrolled student in a Chicago Public School entering De Paul University in the Fall 2019. Meet all De Paul University standard admission requirements.2.

Complete a De Paul University admission application and receive an acceptance letter from De Paul University.

De Paul University College of Law makes great uses of its bustling urban location, near major courthouses and law offices, and students laud their “access to the Chicago legal community, number of alumni in the judiciary, business, and private practice in the Chicagoland area.” Current students note that there are some changes afoot, reflected both administratively and academically.

Faculty-wise there have been “lots of retirements and also new hires” which have “changed up the look of the faculty but the core, which was great, [has] remained.” Also, students say, “The administration, while in a transition period, still runs the school pretty smoothly.” One student sums up: “I feel that the school is still working to keep up with a changing legal atmosphere.

that used bribery and fraud to get children of rich and famous into elite schools — also made multiple donations to De Paul University.

According to 990 forms filed by the nonprofit, the contributions were three installments of ,000 in 2014, 20.

De Paul is no different, and puts a great deal of emphasis on the importance of legal research and writing.” Still, this student says, the writing classes at De Paul “only meet once per week, instead of twice as doctrinal classes do. Submit a FAFSA for consideration towards financial hardship to the Financial Aid office.5.Submit an essay answering two questions (details below). Describe your commitment to furthering your education, including your career goals for the first five and ten years post college graduation. Describe your commitment to your community, including past, present and potential future volunteer experience or community engagement in any volunteer, neighborhood, church or other activities.Recipients are required to send a progress report with their grades at the end of each quarter.The Center for Sales Leadership will provide access to a support network throughout the student’s academic career.The network will be focused on providing mentorship and guidance in financial aid, financial planning, academic and class assistance and identifying social groups.The Center will also work with the student to secure an on campus job during their freshman year.The student must intend to enroll in the College of Business.3.Submit two letters of recommendation from a non-family member (high school teacher, guidance counselor, employer, volunteer manager, etc.).4.Before, students would go through three years of school with very little writing or practical experience under their belts, with the understanding that they would be trained to do the writing and client work at whatever firm they were hired by. Today, however, firms are demanding that students come to them with those skills already in place.

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