College Dropout Essay

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A number of federal financial aid programs require students to enroll full-time, and other restrictions often require even higher courseloads for the more than half of college students who are placed into developmental courses.

Related: A program helps low-income parents graduate at twice the rate of other community college students This student’s experience is not unique.

People worry, somewhat understandably, that the economy is a zero-sum game in which producing more college graduates will simply force those graduates to fight over a fixed number of good jobs. Or South Korea, which has rapidly expanded its number of college graduates in recent decades.“It’s hard to find examples of countries that have not ultimately benefited from sustained investments in modern education,” Mr. “The evidence favors the idea that human capital investments pay off over the medium and long term.”I’ve pointed out before that even education skeptics aren’t skeptical about the value of education — and college — for their own children.

But the evidence points strongly in the other direction. One of the world’s most famous college dropouts isn’t skeptical about it, either.

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As things stand, existing on-campus child care centers meet only about 5 percent of actual need.Another approach to improve access to child care is to modify the federal financial aid system.While child care expenses are supposed to be included in a student’s financial aid calculations, in practice this is not done systematically because colleges don’t have the necessary data.We found that students with preschool-aged children had only about 10 hours per day left over — after paid work, housework and child care — to fit in sleeping, eating, leisure activities and schoolwork.Compare that to students with no children, who had roughly 21 hours for the same tasks.Related: Eligible for financial aid, nearly a million students never get it Our research shows that parents of preschool-aged children were roughly twice as likely to drop out of college as those with no children, and that they accumulated significantly fewer credits each semester.These gaps were largely explained by the time that students spent on child care and, to a lesser extent, time that they spent working to support their families.But she was also taking 16 academic hours that semester.Although she received federal financial aid, it wasn’t enough to pay for formal care for her child.I have heard many similar stories from struggling student-parents over the decades.According to national data, college students who have children are 10 times less likely to complete a bachelor’s degree within five years than students who do not have children, even though student-parents on average have higher GPAs.

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