Collection Conrad Critical Essay

The twelve essays included in this volume are written by eminent and emerging Conrad scholars from various corners of the world: the U. A., Canada, Australia, Singapore, South Africa, India, France and Turkey. They consist of empire, colonial trade, intercultural relationships, multilingualism, gender politics, colonial desires, hybridity and race politics, Conrad’s relation to Asian religions and philosophies, his negotiation of Orientalist and Occidentalist discourses, and the issues of otherness, ethics and alterity.

Wide ranging are also the volume’s critical approaches.

And darkness shot across the sky, And once, and twice, we heard her cry; And saw her lift white hands on high And toss her troubled hair.

She chilled our laughter, stilled our play; And spread a silence there.

Jung contends that for the European explorer, the novelty and shock of this experience is not merely intellectual and cultural, but rather goes deeper.

It is no less than an encounter with his/her own primal unconscious that the European experiences.

While it entertains a sustained dialogue with past and recent studies of Conrad’s handling of colonial cross-cultural encounters, imperial ideology and race politics, this collection of original essays extends the debates on these key issues.

Their overall aim is to highlight the extent to which Conrad’s aesthetic and ideological relation to the East is enmeshed in British imperial politics and commercial interests in Southeast Asia.

In his classic memoir Memories, Dreams and Reflections, Jung expounds on the mysteries of African wilderness to that of its political and social institutions.

In his observations, Africa is a ‘place of darkness’, where primitivism, barbarism and wild nature have suppressed the development of finer civilization.

Taken collectively, these engaging essays maintain a constant dialogue with each other and synergistically contribute to illuminating Conrad’s perception of the East and things Oriental.

Individually, each article is focused on understudied or overlooked concerns which it sharply brings into relief and interprets in the light of Conrad’s complex aesthetic, ideological and geopolitical perception of the East.

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