Cohabitation Research Paper Essay On Why I Want To Be A Nurse

Women who cohabit for over three years prior to marriage have over 50 percent higher dissolution rates than women who cohabit for shorter durations.

Last, cohabitors and non-cohabitors whose marriages have remained intact for eight years appear to have identical dissolution rates after that time.

This article investigates how cohabitation among young people affects their level of satisfaction with their relationship with their parents.

We analyse data from the recently released Generation and Gender Survey for Poland, a country with a limited degree of social acceptance of cohabitation, a high degree of attachment to the institution of marriage, and a familialistic culture.

We take a different approach because we believe that the contemporaneous strength of bonds with parents is not determined by the present marital status of adult children alone.

Instead, we consider the role of the union formation choices that might have preceded the current partnership.

Hence, rather than focusing solely on the contemporaneous marital status of the adult children, we consider the impact of one of the key life course transitions, i.e.

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A question that arises in light of this trend is how the diffusion of non-marital cohabitation may affect the quality of family relations.

Clearly, the few available studies provide no consensus on the links between partnership choices among young people and the strength of their bonds with their parents.

Previous studies analysed the quality of relationships between young people and their parents by comparing the adult children who were cohabiting or married at the time of data collection.

Younger generations are more likely to follow these non-traditional paths in life, even in societies that continue to place a very high value on the institution of marriage.

According to the recent literature, in countries where cohabitation is not widely accepted, choosing cohabitation as a living arrangement may lead to a deterioration in a young person’s relations with his or her family (Di Giulio and Rosina ).

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