Coaching Business Plan

Karen was worried because she never factored that into her Career Plan.

This is actually so far from the truth that if any consultant or coach ever tells you that, show them the door immediately.When all requirements are completed in the 12 Phase Career Coaching Program, you receive a Certified Professional Experts Career Coach Certification for a very affordable price.Start with one course or commit to all 12 courses by adding them to the cart.She graduated from University years ago, has few up-to-date skills and little chance of getting a great reference due to years of internal conflict with colleagues and team members.The reality is; people choosing to change careers is on the rise.Business Plan Writing: Coaching & Consulting Business Plan Become a Certified Professional Experts’ Career Coach with Experts Coach Academy Accreditation starting today!Whether you are new to Career Coaching, are a seasoned career coach who is struggling to get and keep clients or you simply want to learn how to change your own career, this program is for you.She needs a Career Coach who can transform her into a better version of herself.A Career Coach who can help her build upon her expertise.In Phase 2 you walk away with: By the time you finish all of the requirements of PHASE 2 you will have coached clients, received testimonials and got a head start on your career coaching practice. Plus you receive the original course designed to help Experts develop a business plan.Use it for your own practice and then use it when coaching your clients.

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