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You don’t need to tell the person how you got to the point where your essay actually beings. After all, you have a finite amount of words you can have in your essay.

Not to mention, the judges don’t need to know your whole life story, just what applies to the essay.

And before you know it, the essay is no longer about you as you spend more time showering your role model with praises.ollege essay is about you and not about your role model.

It should focus on your qualities and you can only do that when you tell your story.

If your role model is not a family member, then he or she might be an eminent personality.

The problem doesn’t lie with who the role model is.

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The college admissions process can seem like a daunting one, with thousands of students across the globe competing for a few seats in a handful of prestigious colleges.

This makes it extremely important to write an interesting essay that catches the eye of the admissions officer.

This isn’t to minimize your experiences, but with so many essays coming in, you want to write about something that truly affected the course of your life.

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The cliche factor is that there are only a handful of ways a role model can influence you.

Students tend to go on and on about how their role models have inspired them by citing various examples that more or less sound similar and repetitive.

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