City Lit Creative Writing

Saying that you’ve always wanted to write is such a cliché and (unsurprisingly) so common that you’re always warned not resort to anything so unoriginal in a cover letter, and I never did.

During the period leading up to me signing with my agent in the autumn, I was frequently asked how long I’d been writing and what made me take it up.

We also offer free basic skills courses, improving your English, ESOL and Maths as well as opportunities for childcare qualifications – so whether you want to to develop your existing skills or learn something new, this could be your first steps back into learning, getting new qualifications or a new career.

Highly recommended for anyone going through the frustration of writing anything.

Inspiration can’t be taught — that’s what we’re told. Anette has developed techniques to bring us to a place of readiness where inspiration can and does strike.

This workshop teaches you how to let your writer’s voice emerge to do your writing.

This is a practical workshop, and most of our time will be spent writing, using Anette’s special ‘rough writing’ and ‘superfocus’ methods.

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