Cinema Business Plan

For example, Wheeler's backers became frustrated when the construction took much longer than anticipated.

Wheeler originally expected the theater to open about a year before it did.

On the other hand, there are potential drawbacks of crowdfunding.

Letting so many people put money behind an idea can create tension.

If you decide to open a new business or reopen a closed business, you'll need to care about the operation.

Wheeler's descriptions of the movie theater, even when it was failing, were wrapped in joy.

If you decide to take a similar path to Wheeler, find a business that has community support. I'm never going to get rich doing it; I found that out right when we started.

We spoke to Wheeler to gain insights from her mistakes and triumphs to better understand how to revitalize a closed business.

Reopening Agawam Cinemas wasn't an easy project, but Wheeler did receive support from the local community, which wanted to see its movie theater come back to life.

"The fact that there were 10 of us in there freezing, watching this movie, it really made me realize this place was special to a lot of other people.

I figured, you know what, I think there's going to be enough power behind the movement." Wheeler wasn't renovating a failed fast food restaurant the community didn't care for – the theater was a part of Agawam.

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