Church Business Plan Template

Potential partners want to know: Your calling should answer all of these. Clearly state, “The Lord has called me to plant a church in …” or, “I sense that God has called me to … When God wants to impact a city through a new church plant, He taps someone on the shoulder and places a vision in their heart. Bruce Wilkinson once said, “When you find the vision for your life, you won’t take hold of it; it will take hold of you.” A vision is something that begins as a thought and eventually captures your heart and life.

Hopefully, God has placed in you a vision to start a new church, and it has captured your heart.

These values will stop you from getting lost or detoured on the journey. Don’t get bogged down in the difference between a mission statement and a purpose statement.Resist the urge to have a long list of core values too early.Compile a short list and focus on those that resonate with your heart and vision.But some, unfortunately, place little or no emphasis on planning.The fact is, you will greatly increase the probability of success by creating a well thought-out church planting plan, proposal, or master plan.In addition, your master plan will: Demonstrate a clear calling.A church master plan is largely based on God’s individual calling on you and the area you are called to.A captivating master plan will include basic elements like church name, your family picture and bio, information about your city, state and location, and a launch date.Don’t underestimate the value of photos and other images that help tell your story throughout your master plan as well.Just as you would think through every detail and create a business plan before starting your own business, you want to think through every aspect of your church plant via what we call a Master Plan.The Master Plan is a well-written, eye-appealing document that helps: You may have a great idea in your head, but people don’t readily give their time or treasure to great ideas. Whether someone is partnering with you as part of your launch team or agreeing to support you financially, they want to see your strategy, your budget and your timeline.

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