Chronicles Of A Foretold Essay

Chronicle of a Death Foretold is one of the most famous pieces of the Latin American literature written by Gabriel Garc? The novel is dedicated to exploring a problem of human ignorance and indifference towards each other, as well as the issues in the society. In addition to the fact that the novel is thought-provoking and captivating, it is a vivid representation of magical realism traditions.The potential reader may find some connections of M?rquez’ novel with Borges’ Man of the Pink Corner as all the Latino American creative writing has something in common. rquez’ and Borges’ writings are obsessed with portraying details through the prism of the characters’ speech.Interestingly, these two works are similar due to the reason that both of them are written in the magical realism. rquez and Borges draw the readers’ attention to all the characters. Both works are marked with a biting satire towards the norms of the society.

Possibly, due to this reason, people do not notice the importance of the person’s life.

The potential reader may see a distorted image of humanity by means of M? However, it should be undoubtedly mentioned that the use of magical realism profoundly affects this particular novel.

It is separating reality from mysticism as well as combining these two features of M? The aesthetic principles of this novel can be seen through a prism of the author’s choice of a narrator that determines the structure of the work.

Additionally, it is reasonable to take into account a thematic background of the novel and enlarge upon the significance of the integration in terms of the structure, themes, and stylistic display.

However, the main aesthetic principle is the use of magical realism that sets the tone and creates a mysterious atmosphere.

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