Chloe Caldwell Essay

” When Cheryl and her family returned from New York, I had one day left in Portland before I flew back to New York.

My editor and I invited her to the Bipartisan Café to meet us for pie.

I think of Cheryl now as the woman who wrote an essay for that my mother and I loved.

I was on the computer while she took a shower and I somehow stumbled upon Cheryl’s essay “The Love of My Life.” I read it and sobbed and tweeted Cheryl on Twitter, and when my mother emerged from the shower, I told her she just had to read it.

“I’m dying to lounge around and just talk someday, dear one,” she recently said in an email, bringing tears to my eyes.

I think of her as the author of Chloe Caldwell is the author of Legs Get Led Astray (Future Tense Books, April, 2012), which Cheryl Strayed called “a scorching hot glitter box of youthful despair and dark delight.

I thought that was great and wonderful, but didn’t know who “Sugar” was.

“Actually,” my mom said, “Her name is really familiar.

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