Chinese Culture Essay

Confucianism has had much influence on the Taiwanese culture.Confucianism is known for shaping the thoughts of the Chinese and initializes the values of filial piety, which implied the conducting of certain shared rituals (Chen 2001, p. The villagers in this society lavished on wedding and funeral ceremonies, imitating the Confucian virtues of the emperors.A dance is the main component of Taiwan culture and involves worship and prayer.

In this society, the Spider symbolizes persistence and patience because of its hunting technique.

The Taiwanese people have a considerable diversity among them in regard to genetics, cultural and linguistic.

This is as a result of the assimilation of various ethnicities and tribes within china and thousands of years of immigration (Immigrant adaptation, 2012).

The external layers of the onion represent the people’s preferences with regard to where they wish to study.

As one peel the onions, the inner part represent the way people perceive information differently and the inner part of the onion represents the cognitive styles of information processing.

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