Chicago Style Research Paper Sample

There are many places on the internet that will show you additional examples such as (insert web site of your choice).

If you follow these guidelines, you will successfully create your outline which in turn will be the foundation for a research paper.

The Author-Date style: used by Physical, Natural and Social Sciences.

The style has long been used by those in the physical, natural, and social sciences.

Please contact an Eastern Florida State College Librarian if you experience any barriers to accessing these materials or need research help.

You may have noticed that some articles and papers are written with no indentations at the beginning of new paragraphs. Your choice, then, is to indent new paragraphs or to quadruple-space between paragraphs, for clarity.

Indentation is actually a choice—the only rule is that you must be consistent. If you quadruple space, the instructor may suspect you're padding your paper.

Your thesis statement should start with the Roman numeral “I” followed by a period. Roman numerals are used for all of your major points. These ideas that begin with capital letters should be indented one space past the Roman numerals. Depending on how many categories you need to support each of your ideas will depend on how you indicate them on your paper.

This is an example of what the outline might look like: Above is an example of what the outline may look like for a Chicago style research paper.

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