Chemistry Rate Reaction Coursework Sodium Thiosulphate

Fair Testing To ensure a fair test, I will make sure I keep the volume of the sodium thiosulphate the same, 25cm3.

I will also make sure that I use the same cross on paper every time and not switch between a lightly drawn pencil cross and a heavy cross drawn in black marker, as this would affect the time taken for it to disappear.

To do this we added water to the acid and did the experiment again 4 times, decreasing the concentration of the acid by 5cm3 each time.

We did this by measuring out the acid in a beaker and pouring it into a measuring cylinder along with the water as well.

Finally, we will make sure that the same person judges when the cross is no longer visible or the reaction times result could not be accurate, as 2 people could have different eyesight and therefore different opinions on when the x has disappeared.

Prediction I predict that as I decrease the concentration of the hydrochloric acid, the reaction rate will get slower.

Increasing the amount of HCl won't affect this step because HCl isn't involved in it.We timed how long it took for the solution to turn cloudy so that the cross could no longer be seen.We then decided to change the experiment to see if the concentration of the acid affected the rate of reaction.I am going to investigate how the concentration of the acid effects the speed of the reaction.Apparatus1 small measuring cylinder1 large measuring cylinder1 small beaker1 large beaker Hydrochloric Acid Sodium Thiosulphate Cross drawn on paper Conical flask Water Stopclock Method First of all we measured out 25cm3 acid and 25cm3 sodium thiosulphate.Online Labs for Class IX makes use of animations, interactive simulators and practical content that gives experiments their due place in the area of Science and Technology, and promotes an experimental culture in the school system.The experiments covering various areas in chemical science such as: chemical reactions, study of chemical proprieties of matter, study of compounds and mixtures, etc.Regards To demonstrate the concept of reaction rate in chemistry classes.The thiosulfate ion can decompose into the sulfite ion and a colloidal suspension of sulfur, which is opaque.Also, we need to wash the beakers and cylinders before using them as there could be another chemical left in the bottom.This could start off unwanted reactions and affect the reaction rate.

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