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Therefore, the protagonist here was characterized by things he had done, said and thought about.Next is James Hurst’s The Scarlet Ibis which is a story about a boy who has always dreamed of having a brother.At the beginning of the story, the narrator was a foolish boy who thought everything in life was perfect, and that was obvious in the way he thought and things he did.After going through that experience, something had changed inside him; he felt angry and couldn’t absorb the change.However, he did realize that after the death of his brother which was too late.

Besides that, different kinds of techniques can be used to characterize in one story.

Because he was a “foolish blood”, he thought that she had feelings for him too, this made him go far away with his imagination, but then, when he went to the bazaar, he was shocked with the objective reality and the materialism of the modern world.

The conflict here is inside the narrator (inner conflict) and can be seen in his reaction to the fact of how life can be so materialistic and the struggle he faced trying to deal with it, as well as to fit in the adulthood world.

However, when he got older, he could tell what his feelings and reactions meant or simply, just express himself properly.

The reader could tell that at the end of the story, the narrator had become wiser and more realistic just by looking at the way he narrated the story.

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