Character Analysis Essay Format

It also develops a more in-depth analysis of the type of personality presented in the character of Arnold Friend.*Click images below to enlarge.Writing a character analysis isn’t only about examining what a character looks like or what he or she does.Try to guess approximate age, profession or society class a character belongs to, according to story plot, historical and cultural background of the time described in a story.It’s important to concentrate on inner qualities of a character: type of personality, psychological state of a person, believes and motives.A book author may avoid giving a hero clear characteristic like brave, clever, greedy, kind or egoistic.However, in most cases this can be said from the context.

Learning how to write a character analysis requires a thorough reading of the literary work with attention to what the author reveals about the character through dialogue, narrative, and plot.” This example is a longer, more fully developed essay.It does more than just focus on what readers learn about the character from reading the short story.To make your analysis informative, go beyond understandable descriptions that are visible to anyone who reads a book.Try to read between lines, thinking what a certain event, phrase or reaction of a character may mean.Analyzing a character, you shall mention age, gender, appearance of a book hero.In a case if an author doesn’t mention exact age or origin, you can make your own conclusion based on the information written in the book.Reading a book attentively, you may notice a lot of quotes that may speak about personality of a character.You can use these quotes to make valuable conclusions or to apply as illustrative examples while writing your analysis.Character analysis is a kind of academic work that trains your critical thinking, attention and logic.It also helps to become better psychologist and to change your attitude to people around.

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