Cellulase Research Papers

media composition and environmental conditions for obtaining high titer and productivity of enzyme .For this, statistical tool can provide the benefit of optimization of different variables on the basis of their mutual interactive and influential role for a specific response.The optimum conditions included incubation time- 72 h, temperature- 45C, p H- 6, inoculum size- 14% with 1:4 as wheat bran and tap water ratio.The production of cellulase using only moistened wheat bran was demonstrated and found to be significantly controlled by incubation time and temperature while p H showed the least effect.Cellulase production also requires the development of a suitable bioprocess and the medium for fermentation constituting a cheap substrate such as wheat bran which is a low-cost agro-industrial residue.Since the enzyme production from microbial source is a multivariable controlled process, it becomes essential to optimize the key factors i.e.Bhardwaj, Jitender Sharma (2018) Lignocellulosic Waste as a Sole Substrate for Production of Crude Cellulase from Bacillus subtilis PJK6 Under Solid State Fermentation Using Statistical Approach. Agro residues are abundantly produced as byproducts during crop production and cause major environmental issues for their disposal and management.Stubble burning has become prominent due to factors such as increased mechanization, reduced livestock number, long duration for composting and unavailability of alternate economically viable solutions .

A central composite design (CCD) was constructed to evaluate the interactive and mutual impact of the key variables on cellulase production with an objective to obtain high yields of cellulase in a cost effective and eco-friendly bioprocess.

The enriched broth was again inoculated into 100 ml of 1% CMC and incubated under same conditions.

This process was repeated 3-4 times and finally the microorganisms from the enriched broth were isolated by spread plate technique.

Being rich in lignocellulosic content, these can be used in production of many value added products such as enzymes, paper, paperboard, etc.

with simultaneous reduction in the environmental load.

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