Cell Phones Allowed In School Essay

Cell phones also give students access to more information using the internet and help them research more about a topic.

For instance, if students are looking for study materials and solutions, they can click here to download NCERT solutions from BYJU's and clear all their doubts almost instantly.

It is also a fact that a cell phone can easily turn from a classroom learning tool to classroom disruption.

They can easily spend more time texting friends, watching videos or playing games than paying attention in class.

When students make use of their cell phones at school or in class it may result in a number of classroom management and behavioral issues.

While teachers already have their hands full with a lot of things if students start misusing mobile phones for poor behavior such as cheating during exams, theft, cyber-bullying or even taking inappropriate photographs and videos, it could be disastrous.

By allowing students to bring and use their own device could help the institution solve their financial problems.

Schools need not provide expensive devices to students.

Here, we will look at some of the pros and cons and by the end of the article, you should be able to decide what is best.Besides, the education system in the country is still following the traditional system and it is usually problematic or difficult to change.The problem might be because most of the people are usually schooled in a fixed way.Apart from students, teachers are also taking advantage of cell phones by providing students with resources like videos, news stories, online discussion groups, and more.Some teachers are also allowing students to access these resources in class which further helps to encourage participation and discussions in class.There is no denying the fact that mobile technology and cell phones are here to stay.As technology becomes more and more advanced, mobile phones will be an integral educational tool which can also be utilized to enhance learning among students.While such is the current scenario, there is also another section of people who believe education needs to be in touch or be updated with the evolving societal needs.They are of the opinion that since technology plays an important part in our lives today, it is important to incorporate it into the field of education.Cells phones have become the window to the information of the whole wide world.Rarely any time goes when our cell phones are not with us. Should they be given access to use of regular cell phones, what is the limit and how to decide it?

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