Cda Competency Goal 2 Essays

One of the ways I can do this is by observing the children on a daily basis to gather information on their interests, needs and skill levels.I take the information observed into consideration when planning and implementing lesson plan.• I place all children under the age of one on their backs when sleeping to avoid a SIDS death.• I am familiar with the classroom and center emergency evacuation procedures in case of a fire or tornado.

I have the children wash their hands during similar times and ensure that they do it properly.

Health What I do to establish and maintain a healthy environment is to prevent the spread of germs and promote healthy eating habits.

Germs can be easily spread among the age group of children in my care, especially because they are in close contact with each other.

• I follow the center’s sick child guidelines when children are ill to prevent more illnesses in the classroom.

• I plan nutritionally activities for the week that are age appropriate for the children to promote health and wellness.

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