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John and his CBT therapist may discuss a technique called “thought stopping” where he abruptly disrupts the flow of negative thoughts by yelling (in his mind) “Stop!” as he redirects his thoughts to something more positive like an affirmation or a meditation app.CBT is psychotherapy, so if your insurance covers psychotherapy or behavioral medicine, it should cover most, if not all, of your CBT therapy.If you’re paying out of pocket, CBT costs range from free or on a sliding scaled at some community clinics, to 0 per session in a private practice.Homework may involve practicing this technique at least once every day until the next session.John and his therapist will debrief in the next session, evaluate what worked and what didn’t, and tweak the process for the following week.

But for a course of CBT tailored to you and your issues, a period of time in structured therapy is still the best approach.One of the reasons CBT is so well-known and widely used is because it has been studied so extensively.It is a good modality to study because it emphasizes brief, direct, solution-oriented interventions. D., a certified CBT psychologist in Glendale, California about how he uses it in his practice.While some people are content with reducing their symptoms, others want to know why they exist in the first place. Have you tracked your daily steps or monitored your sleep?For them, deeper approaches like psychodynamic therapy may be more satisfying. Then you’re already applying some of the principles of CBT in your everyday life.In practice, cognitive behavioral therapy generally consists of identifying the problematic thoughts and behaviors and replacing them with healthier responses.For example, say Jane Doe is anxious in social situations and has started to avoid gatherings in favor of isolating evenings at home.For example, Jane may want to keep an eye out for meet-up events that challenge her to overcome her fears while she applies her new relaxation techniques.Another example: Let’s say a major factor in John Doe’s depression is his negative internal self-talk—he constantly belittles and berates himself on a loop.These kinds of details can be a mystery to the general public.Lucky for you, I’m a clinical psychologist who uses CBT in my practice, so I should be able to answer most of the questions you have about it. CBT is one of scores of treatment methods used in psychotherapy.

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