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What was the biggest motivation in starting a business?

I was strongly motivated by the way in which my bull and cow selection and different breeds could maximise my beef production.

When I approached CEDA they informed me of what role they could play in me expanding my business in order to maximise my operations.

CEDA assisted me in buying a truck that could load and haul cattle to not only the BMC but also local farmers that needed a trucking service to deliver their stock.

I have been very fortunate with my Portfolio Executives as they are very knowledgeable of the current market trends.

What challenges does your business face on a daily basis?

My challenges are no different from any other farmer in Botswana.

I also heard of CEDA from my colleagues in the farming community and engagements with various CEDA officers who prompted me to come and get a loan from them.

I always speak highly of CEDA and its services to my business associates and friends.

I would also like to say that my current status with CEDA is a friendly one, by so saying this I am currently up to date with the repayment agreement that I committed to when receiving funding.

We also face the challenge of disease and mortality of my livestock.

Machinery and farming implements also break down and comes at an enormous cost to fix and maintain them.

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