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Words fail him when it comes to the industrial factories-of-death in Auschwitz, Poland. In 1944 Canadian forces killed their German POWs in Normandy. C Company, 1/20th Infantry, 23rd American Division . March 16, 1968, at a hamlet properly called Tu Cung but designated by the U. Army as My Lai 4, a few miles from the ocean in Quang Ngai province. Indeed, from Nixon’s White House to Major Colin Powell (staff officer Americal Division, later Secretary of State for George Bush) who wrote an uncompromising bombshell denial memo.

Hastings starts by listing many of the massacres of civilians in mid-20th century starting with Hitler’s German henchmen who slaughtered over 32 million Soviet citizens in what Russians call their Great Patriotic War, followed by Russia’s Red Army offensive in 1944-45 where it raped its way into the Reich on its dash to Berlin.

To their utter surprise they had unearthed another Thompson-Peers-Boomer. After that Rumsfeld shunned him, seeing to it that he was retired.

Soon thereafter I had the honor of conducting a public interview of General Toguba at Dr.

In 1966 he heard that his marines collected ears of dead Vietcong. In April 2004 CBS News broke the story of torture, rape, sodomy at this Bagdad “detention camp.” Heads began to fall, but not the higher heads at the Central Intelligence Agency, the Defense Department, and the White House. That’s the high level the International Criminal Court at the Hague would demand. With the current cast of characters from the dark side of Washington politics, darkness at noon awaits.

Critics called Abu Ghraib “state sanctioned crime”. Inasmuch to escape the spotlight, the Pentagon brass ordered a report on Abu Ghraib, appointing what they thought was a good-old-general with Asian roots, General Antonio Toguba, a Filipino American. Philosophers ponder the maxim that the spoils of war go to the winners. That comes when justified force meets unjustified force in a just way. So did the quartet of Thompson-Peers-Boomer-Toguba.

Breaking "laws of origin": resistance, hurt, and containment in post-1994 Vietnamese American literature, her 2001 doctoral dissertation in Ethnic Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, discusses the work of Andrew X. In Summer 2009, she had recently completed a book manuscript.

Let us first analyze the play from the point of view of phonetic obliquity. ..make an assessment of literature written in English.The diversity itself is a part of its spectacular richness, depth and complexity.A body of criticism that offered such vitally important theories as rasa, alamkara, riti, dhvani, vakrokti and auchitya cannot be allowed to become obsolete and antiquarian.JPRI Critique Volume 24 Number 3 (September 2018) Honor Requires Vigilance: Commemorating My Lai Patrick Lloyd Hatcher In so many ways Max Hastings writes the best reviews and books about things military. He scored again earlier this year in an essay (January 25, 2018) the editors call “A Massacre like Any Other” and Hastings titled “Wrath of the Centurions.” What wrathful massacre this time? Not a word about Burmese Buddhists burning Muslim migrants, a pattern set decades earlier when Buddhists in Sri Lanka terrorized Tamils. Composed by Jonathan Berger of Stanford University, it had a libretto from novelist Harriet Chessman and starred Rinde Eckert as chopper pilot Hugh Thompson along with a Vietnamese instrumentalist Van-Anh Vo. Nor the 1937 Japanese rape of Nanking and other continental cities, nor Korean civil war massacres on both sides in the 1950s, Nogun-ri for the Americans on July 26, 1950. The symbolic stain of the My Lai scandal continues to stain. On March 4, 2018, on the campus of the University of California Berkeley, the Kronos Quartet premiered an oratorio, “My Lai,” in Zellerbach Hall.Hastings skips the morass of the Middle East and Africa; no mention of the 91 killed in the 1948 terror bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem or South Africa’s apartheid agony best represented by the notorious Robbin Island prison. In a belated but full investigation in November 1969, he accused 28 officers, including two generals and three full colonels, of 224 serious military offenses, ranging from false testimony and failure to report war crimes to conspiring to suppress information, participating in or failure to prevent war crimes.Lost on this list: ethnic cleansing in former Yugoslavia as well as the disappeared in Chile, Argentina, and Brazil under military juntas. Events expanded to include both other Army and Marine Corps units. in American History at the University of California Berkeley where he also served as an associate professor of military science educating Army cadets.Barbara Bundy’s Center for the Pacific Rim in San Francisco. Much work has been done on Indian literature in English based on analyses through the tools of Western critical methods.Essays should include a cover sheet stating the student’s name, ID number, local address and phone, the title of the essay, the course and professor for which the essay was written, and the quarter the course was offered.The essay itself should include the title, but NOT the student’s name.

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