Catcher In The Rye Stradlater Essay

Ignored, Holden tries to fight Stradlater, who pins him to the ground while Holden bawls that “the reason [Stradlater] didn’t care is because he’s a goddamn stupid moron.” The insult makes perfect sense to Holden, a line drawn in the sand between those who can appreciate a girl’s checkers technique and those who can’t, those who treat women as objects and those who value their idiosyncrasy.

The allusion gathers emotional force later on when Holden recalls comforting Jane after her stepfather interrupts their game of checkers.

Holden's nose is bleeding profusely, and he waits for Stradlater to go to the bathroom before getting up.

He digs under his bed to find his hunting hat and puts it on.

He calls Stradlater a moron so many times that Stradlater looses it.

When it comes to analyzing toxic masculinity, we’re accustomed to exterior rather than interior critique.When Stradlater finally returns to the dorm, Holden can hardly restrain his nervous anticipation about Stradlater's date with Jane.Holden narrates this section with a lot of subdued anger and says he can't remember a lot of the details.Holden finally asks about the date, and isn't happy to hear that Stradlater and Jane "just sat in the goddam car" all night.Holden asks directly if he "gave her the time" and Stradlater dances around the question.He feels terrified for Jane given his experience with Stradlater’s behavior on double dates: “What he’d do was, he’d start snowing his date in this very quiet, .’ But old Stradlater kept snowing her in this Abraham Lincoln, sincere voice, and finally there’d be this terrific silence in the back of the car.” Anyone nostalgic for the simple goodness of the 1950s should consider passages like these, where a woman’s “No” was optional and frequently trespassed.In contrast, Holden later claims that he’s still a virgin because he always stops at “No,” so what sets him apart from Stradlater and Co.That Holden’s position is compromised, that he’s trapped inside the castle of mid-century American male power, is part of what gives the book its dizzying force.Caught within that world, Holden has no choice but to create his own language, his own moral system, and in veering off from the mainstream he ends up half-crazy and deeply alone.As he prepares to leave, Stradlater asks Holden to write a descriptive composition for him for his English class.When Stradlater returns from his date, he tells Holden how he and Jane ended up in the car he had borrowed from coach Ed Banky, though he does not give much details.

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