Catcher In The Rye Phony Essay

Holden is essentially a walking contradiction and, thus, is the epitome of a phony throughout the novel.

, Holden denounces materialists--the rich, snobby prep-school types like Stadlater, Ernie Morrow, and the headmaster.

Holden constantly criticizes Hollywood and the entertainment industry and even says, "If there's one thing I hate, it's the movies. However, Holden discusses numerous movies that he's seen, goes to the theaters with his classmates, pretends to be an actor, and even takes Sally Hayes to a show.

Holden also claims to hate dishonest people, yet lies throughout the entire novel. Spencer's home at the beginning of the novel, tells Mrs.

He also says he hates movies, the Hollywood industry, and his brother for sacrificing his short story writing career to be a "sell out" screen writer.

And finally, Holden condemns the oversexed Stradlater because he brags about his escapades.

Morrow his name is Rudolf Schmidt, and lies to the reader numerous times about his personality and accomplishments.

Holden claims that he is a pacifist, yet attempts to punch Stradlater, and also fantasizes about killing Maurice.

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Educators go through a rigorous application process, and every answer they submit is reviewed by our in-house editorial team.According to the standard meaning of the word a phony is someone who is fake.He still retains part of the word's original meaning in that he applies it to those who are not one hundred percent genuine. He's trying desperately to find a place in the world, to assert his developing sense of individuality.By labeling people phony, Holden is indicating that they are selfish, dishonest people who are primarily concerned with attaining wealth, improving their reputation, or advancing their social status.Overall, anyone who is insincere, is fake, or has ulterior motives is a phony in Holden's opinion.But Holden expands the meaning of the word to include just about everyone he comes into contact with.He still retains part of the word's original meaning in that he applies it to those who are not one....Throughout the novel, Holden is continually criticizing his peers and adults for being phony.Holden believes that any person who is not fully genuine at all times is a phony.Another example of Holden's phony behavior takes place on his date with Sally Hayes.Holden continually ridicules Sally for being superficial and shallow, yet tells Sally that he loves her and asks her to move to the country with him.

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