Cask Of Amontillado Symbolism Essay

Although there is no motive, Poe uses symbolism to try to answer questions in the short story.The amontillado was a significant symbol because it is what is used to lure Fortunato and represents a rare attitude.Obviously, people dress up at carnivals and get out of the normal habits he usually done during the regular days.This was one Poe’s way of getting Montresor to get out of his “normal” ways and become devious.Knowing that Fortunato considered himself a great expert, or connoisseur, of fine wines, and especially a devotee of a sherry known as Amontillado, Montresor flattered him by obsequiously asking his opinion on a newly acquired cask of Amontillado.He tantalized Fortunato with the rare liquor, even pretending that his vaults where the wine was stored had too much dampness and "nitre" for Fortunato's afffiction.The clown costume plays a significant role as well.This is Montresor’s way of humiliating Fortunato further for the anger he has caused Montresor.

Perhaps this shows Fortunato’s curiousity and temptations towards higher traditions in life. Its rarity perhaps this is used as bait that Montresor uses to get Fortunato to come with him to his mansion.He was at Fortunato for the unknown humiliation that happened to Montresor.At the time when he sets up the “celebration”, he dress up in all black just like a executioner.He also put on “a mask of black silk” which represents he is a 2 face person.He is not just a “friend” but more importantly, he is actually an enemy of Fortunato.Summary "The Cask of Amontillado" has been almost universally referred to as Poe's most perfect short story; in fact, it has often been considered to be one of the world's most perfect short stories.Furthermore, it conforms to and illustrates perfectly many of Poe's literary theories about the nature of the short story: that is, it is short and can be read at one sitting, it is a mood piece with every sentence contributing to the total effect, it is a completely unified work and while it is seemingly simple, it abounds in ironies of many kinds.In “The Cask of Amontillado,” Poe tells a tale of revenge and humiliation.The way this particular story symbolizes Poe’s work that has a mind-boggling ending.The use of symbolism in “The Cask of Amontillado” Edgar Allen Poe has always been known for his dark, mysterious, and twisted stories.Nearly all of his stories are praised, and they have some sort of unknown motive and background to them.

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