Case Study Nursing

Subjective signs may not be measurable but may be observed by a practitioner or reported by the patient.Anthony reports a pain of 4 out of 10, but the nurse Sarah observes his stoic posture, his unwillingness to move or participate in care, and the grimacing on his face when as she assesses him. Objective signs refer to indications of pain that can be measured.With her assistance, Anthony is able to transfer to the chair, brush his teeth, and watch TV. Sarah decides that Anthony is tired and offers to come back and teach him about non-invasive pain management techniques after he has had time to rest.This will allow for optimal response when she is teaching Anthony.Anthony agrees to take the medication to prevent the pain from increasing suddenly.

Sarah and Anthony discuss taking ibuprofen to help keep the pain down.

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Anthony has Percocet and ibuprofen ordered, but has only taken the ibuprofen three times in the last two days.

It is important to be aware of subjective and objective signs of pain.

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