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In this case, Catalyst developed a two-year growth strategy for the company to build their online presence and used a combination of building an e-commerce site and keywords to help XYZ grow their SEO and digital presence. Now that you’re well-versed in the impact of visual case studies, why not start making your own?A solution goes hand in hand with results, and it’s important to lay out exactly how Catalyst was able to help Company XYZ. We’ve created a case study template available in three different formats – presentation, infographic, and report.The agency, called Catalyst, is a specialist in growth and digital marketing.Let’s read about XYZs story – which will be the very first slide in all case studies – the story of a current or former client.The sole purpose of a case study is to persuade, and that’s where great storytelling really comes into play.It’s where you share the business challenges of clients and customers and how you were able to effectively solve them. It helps your customers visualize themselves using your product or service.The business problem that they were experiencing should be clear as day in this section as it sets the stage for the solution that the agency came up with.

I’m saving all work in progress versions, writing down ideas on aside, taking tons of photos during the process, etc.

I prefer to get the job done first, and then have some time to show it off publicly afterward.

However, I do think about a case study in the beginning when I’m working on my own stuff, such as side projects or design concepts.

Want to learn about the ins and outs of visual storytelling and how you can create a case study that will win over clients and customers?

Check out this new free ebook we’ve just published in collaboration with our friends over at Hubspot, where you’ll get to learn about things like storytelling concepts, data visualization, choosing the right customer story, and the impact of case studies.

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