Case Study Internal Communication

The Daily Crunch provides fresh news every morning, Homemade is the local, sociable, talk of the town.

Our campaign celebrated the diverse ways of communicating – from quick bites to in-depth articles.

HSBC now uses these amazing photos throughout their internal comms – in presentations, reports, and the intranet.

Not only has the bank saved money on mediocre stock photos – they’ve raised the bar for employee engagement.

People connect with the bigger picture of HSBC because they see themselves reflected in it.

A simple, yet award-winning campaign - small idea, big impact.

Rumours we were being paid in chocolate were sadly unfounded.We loved unleashing our Homie style on Hershey’s expanding communications network.The creative treatment was warm and friendly, with bags of character and humour.In partnership with H&H internal communication agency, Hull combined eye-catching wall designs with employee insights to craft an immersive on-boarding experience.Now, as team members walk from the car park, through the offices to the factory floor – they can see the corporate culture laid out before them – expressed in their own words with their own faces looking back at them. See the blades of Hull's wind turbines reflected in the graphics? Read the H&H case study for more details on the project.Employee heroes are at the center of this impressive campaign.With over 1000 new employees, Siemens Hull was looking to forge a robust culture and bring their strategic vision to life.Lowes Manhattan was looking for ways to become more customer focused and turned to their intranet as a platform for sharing customer stories.They created ‘Customer Care News’ - a window into the customer experience.Lowes also believe in the power of learning – and sees employees as the best educators.Their in-house product videos feature real product experts.

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