Case Studies In Clinical Laboratory Science Ebook

This article will review and update the socioeconomic factors and overall health factors associated with edentulism and provide information on diagnosis and treatment planning for the condition.Read More Download Now The aim of this article is to update the general practitioner on a variety of topics that affect the biologic response and longevity of posterior composite restorations.Giomer technology incorporated into direct restorative materials also provides biologic benefits that can potentially extend the life of the restoration and the tooth.Read More Download Now This e Book describes how the specialty of endodontics has been particularly impacted by two distinct technological advances enabling the trained practitioner to become a better diagnostician and deliver a high level of patient care: the dental operating microscope (DOM) and cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT).e Books from CDEWorld put the dental information you're looking for right at your fingertips, right when you need it.These high-quality, customized educational tools focus on clinical concepts and techniques, providing timely solutions for your practice.Read More Download Now This article will review the most common tooth-whitening options.Clinical cases will be shown to demonstrate the effectiveness of light-activated whitening alone and in combination with enamel microabrasion.

Read More Download Now This article will explore CAD/CAM technology in relation to the main restorative challenges it was developed to address, with a focus on recent advances, including new hybrid ceramic materials.Dental erosion can be a challenge to diagnose because of similarities to other categories of tooth wear.Signs, risk indicators, and protective factors will be discussed in this article.Read More Download Now Edentulism is more common today than many oral practitioners may realize.This article will review and update restoration and maintenance of natural dentition, examine the health of the edentulous population, and focus on the prosthetic treatment model.The author describes bioactive materials in relation to healing, acid neutralization, and prevention of further damage.This article also briefly describes how to use bioactive materials in specific cases.Read More Download Now This article will identify five rarely used dental procedures and nomenclature (CDT) codes and instruct how to properly use them to maximize a patient’s insurance and facilitate same-day dentistry in a practice.Read More Download Now Many oral healthcare practitioners are unaware of the vast size of the population in the United States with edentulism.Read More Download Now One of the goals in the creation of new composite materials is to simplify the placement of direct composite resins without compromising the quality of the final result.Advancements have been made that allow clinicians to deliver high-quality restorations using direct tooth-colored restorative materials that can give patients a functionally esthetic, long-lasting result.

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