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If included on the IMF expert roster, the expert will be informed.

Should a suitable assignment arise matching skills of expert on the roster, the person will be contacted to discuss interest and availability.

In conjunction with its network of Regional Technical Assistance Centers (RTACs) and Regional Training Centers: The Fiscal Affairs Department (FAD) provides TA in fiscal policy and management (including, macro-fiscal policy; tax and customs policy and administration; budget formulation and management, accounting, reporting, and cash and debt management; short-term expenditure rationalization, social security reform, and design of social safety nets).

The Monetary and Capital Markets Department (MCM) provides TA in central banking and financial system stability (monetary and foreign exchange policies and operations; financial markets, instruments and infrastructure; financial system regulation and supervision; public asset and liability management (including management of reserves, debt management and debt markets, and sovereign wealth funds); and systemic issues and crisis management).

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The Statistics Department (STA) provides TA in compilation, management, dissemination, and improvement of statistical data.Detailed information on how Wiley uses cookies can be found in our Privacy Policy.Technical assistance (TA) and training are core activities for the IMF in its areas of expertise.IMF short-term TA assignments usually involve participation in headquarters-led diagnostic missions of one to two weeks, or standalone short-term assignments of up to one month to provide hands on advisory assistance to country authorities.Occasionally, experts are sought for longer-term assignments in a country.The ability to conduct technical discussions and to write reports in English to a high standard and under tight deadlines is essential.Additional language skills frequently needed are: French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic or Russian.For inclusion on the IMF experts roster, individuals should have extensive operational or policy making experience in one of the subject areas; usually stemming from senior government positions or academic life.In some instances, a mix of public and private sector expertise could be beneficial.The Institute for Capacity Development (ICD) provides training that builds capacity in areas essential to effective macroeconomic management, namely the analysis of macroeconomic conditions, the diagnosis of problems, and the design and implementation of macroeconomic policies.Some courses have an economy-wide focus, others address particular areas of macroeconomic management, such as the public finances, monetary and exchange rate policy, and the financial sector, with the consideration of issues in these topic areas set in their broader macroeconomic context. About 80 percent of IMF TA goes to low- and lower-middle income countries.

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