Canadian Immigration Essays Grade 12

Although they generally spoke English, they did not mirror the social, cultural or religious values of the majority.Roman Catholic intruders in a Protestant domain, their loyalty to the Crown appeared suspect in a Canada where ardent loyalty was demanded as insurance against the threat of American republicanism.

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Gradual commercial and industrial development usually serviced the agricultural sector, and, because many Irish were not farmers, Irish labourers were consequently seen as rootless.The new immigrants were generally similar to that of the established community.But the great Irish potato famine and to a lesser degree a series of abortive European rebellions in 1848 sent new waves of immigrants to North America.The movement of nationals of one country into another for the purpose of resettlement is central to Canadian history.The story of Canadian immigration is not one of orderly population growth; it has been and remains both a catalyst to Canadian economic development and a mirror of Canadian attitudes and values; it has often been unashamedly and economically self-serving and ethnically or racially biased.They filled working-class neighbourhoods and inflated majority fears of social evils previously dismissed as peculiar to the US.For some years the Irish supplied the base of a working-class labour force necessary for the slow advance of communication, commerce and industry.Of these tens of thousands, many were Irish settlers, whose arrival in Canada initiated major social and economic changes.In many respects the Irish were Canada's first enormous wave of foreign immigrants.In one of the most Draconian movements in the history of emigration, Britain's "surplus children," including orphans were sent to Canada as farm labour. Throughout the 17th and much of the 18th century, European colonial administrations, charged with overseeing what would become Canada, did not consider settlement a priority.French or British governments initially seemed unprepared to expend vast quantities of money or energy necessary to encourage settlement.

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