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In fiction, many writers also looked back to the past, reconstructing Canadian History as costume gothic, a romantic engagement between Protestant manliness on one side and corruption (configured variously as Napoleon, the wilderness, Catholicism, Americans, and the in France) on the other. While some writers espoused patriotic causes, others critiqued the emptiness of much political rhetoric and practice.Examples include William Kirby's The Golden Dog (1877) and the novels of T. Wilfred Grenfell served as a devout medical missionary in Newfoundland (his life recast in the Christian tales of Norman Duncan) and Canon F. Scott wrote poems that espoused an ideal social order; T.

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Parkin, like George Monro Grant, was an educator; he headed Upper Canada College (est.Only loosely connected, Duncan Campbell Scott, Sir Charles G. Shunning the verbal ornamentation of most of the poets included in W. Lighthall's nationalist 1889 anthology of Canadian verse, they rejected the notion of "sublimity," sought plainer ways to record the beauty and reality of the Canadian landscape, and used natural imagery as a language of spiritual inquiry.Roberts and Scott were influential prose writers as well.With social change, including advanced education for women (in 1875 Mount Allison was the first university in the British Empire to award a woman a bachelor's degree), women extended their influence in literature and the community (Women and Education, Status of Women).Female editors and journalists--among them Alice Jones, Agnes Maule Machar, Sara Jeannette Duncan, Kit Coleman, Jean Mc Ilwraith, Florence Randal Livesay, and Nellie Mc Clung, all active poets or novelists as well--wrote variously about bicycles, independent travel, foreign wars, local politics, and women's rights (.With Confederation came immediate calls for Maritime separation but also a quickened interest in the growth of a national culture.Journalists and academic essayists earnestly disputed Canada's political destiny.Fredericton and Montreal became creative centres, and in Toronto the --provided space for discussion of science, technological change, politics, and moral progress, as did the Royal Society of Canada (est. New technologies, such as the telephone, electric light, and the motorized engine, would serve development over the next four decades.Canadian writers, often publishing abroad, still faced economic pressure and the colonial restrictions of international copyright law, but social services, such as free education for children, would advance, and political boundaries expand.A railway to the Pacific (completed 1885) would bring new provinces into Canada during these decades.Author, minister and educator George Monro Grant in 1872 travelled 5000 miles across the country, with Sandford Fleming (who later developed the international system of standard Time Zones) and the railway surveying expedition.

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