California Critical Thinking Disposition Inventory Test

The total CT scores had a positive correlation with the scores of the PBL performance and its five dimensions significantly.In the majority, students with Strong-CT disposition obtained higher scores in PBL tutorials compared with students with Weak-CT disposition.Critical thinking (CT) is usually viewed as a philosophical concept, referred to characteristics of the individual, personality traits or habits of mind [20].It is a pervasive and self-rectifying human phenomenon, referring to the dispositions and skills revealing what is authentic, what to believe, why it is and how it happens.A parametric bivariate correlation analysis was performed between the students’ CT scores and their PBL average scores.The PBL scores were compared between the strong and weak CT disposition groups using independent t-test.

Thus, PBL has become a modern-day educational strategy, particularly in medical education [6, 9, 10].

The performance of these two groups was significantly different in the Late-Half but not in the Early-Half PBL tutorials.

Furthermore, a significant improvement was observed in the students with strong CT but not weak CT dispositions.

The disposition toward CT was the consistent internal motivation to engage in problem solving and decision making.

The consensus was reached that skills and dispositions of critical thinking are positively correlated with the internal motivation to think.

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