California Bar Essays 2011

Past California Bar Examination Essays Past California Bar Examination Performance Tests Past Baby Bar Essays WINNIN’ TIME! is the most valuable tool you can use to prepare for the California Bar Examination. Learn to spot the clues in the call of the question so that you are not left guessing.Some bar exam instructors tell you to read the question once quickly first and then again more slowly. I like to circle names when they first appear, as well as circling any dates and numbers.Developing and maintaining a passing mindset requires that you plan for as many aspects of the test preparation period.Check out the You Tube video on “The 3 Skills Needed to Pass The Bar: Patience, Practice, & Positivity” to assist you in developing your plan and passing mindset.Next thing you know, you got carried away with your analysis and missed spotting some issues.A bar instructor once gave out a very valuable tip: If you don’t understand the hypo, read it again, and if you still don’t understand it, read it again. There are some subjects like Wills, Trusts and Property where the characters and facts need to be diagrammed.

The essays on the California Bar Exam make up 39% of your score.Unlike the examples on the current page, the Bar Essays search engine will also provide the related essay question next to each graded example.The search engine allows you to browse essays by subject, essay score, handwritten/typed essays or examination year. If you have any questions on the past baby bar essay exams and sample answers, please feel free to post below.One of the most challenging aspects of the bar examination is mindset. UPDATE: Looks like more exams were removed, so this site now includes exams through July 2011. If they restore the exams, I'm happy to take down this page. My SOLE INTENT is to enable students to have free access to the exams that were taken down from the California Bar's web site.Try to leave yourself 2 minutes at the end to do a spell-check (unfortunately, Exam Soft does not spell check as you go along like MS Word does, but it will show you which words are wrong when you click on the spellcheck icon).This may seem obvious but some law students have been known to anxiously start outlining only to find out halfway through writing that the essay is a crossover of two subjects!(If a date or dollar amount is in the fact pattern then it is likely of some significance).Underline any facts that raise an issue and note the issue in the margin with an arrow to the underlined fact. Better to take the time to do this now before you begin writing.

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