Cable Park Business Plan

I believe he will be as good a partner for your business as he has been and will continue to be for mine." "OGScapital did an AWESOME job on my business plan.Alex accommodated my style and content preferences.As per depreciation figures, our preliminary assessment using a standard 200% declining balance on equipment and assets gives us a first year figure of 0,000 /-.This figure is considered our income tax deductible base and will adjust each year depending on taxable items, gross income, actual values and depreciation of assets.Refer to the Sales Forecast topic for demographic break down and average cost per person.

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The yearly analysis is indicated in the table below. The company's estimated cash flow analysis is outlined in the following table, including the cost and increase in sales and profits made from Phase 2.We will also be opening up a casual restaurant in Little Elm in 2014.Positions available will fall into four categories and those hired will float from station to station throughout the day: Wake Zone Cable Park is the industry leading wakeboard park and we have one of the coolest, most innovative venues in the world.But undoubtedly I have been positively impressed with the level and quality of the final delivery." Business plan structures vary depending on the needs of the client.All documents include the following key sections: market analysis, description of the business model, operational strategy, goals, financial model, etc.He was readily available, and when crunch time came, Alex put it into high gear. I will DEFINITELY use him again." "One of my business partners has referred OGScapital as a very reliant provider with strategic focus on the product quality and writing business plans from the scratch.I won’t say that OGS is the only one supporting this approach.We guarantee that the business plan we prepare for you will comply fully with requirements of investors/lenders.All cable parts are over engineered to create a robust system.System hardware focuses on using strong and simple components.It is anticipated that the multi-million dollar loan that the company will seek to secure will cover the business start-up costs and provide funds for operating expenses for the first year.

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