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Not only did she use them exclusively, but she would think nothing of yanking off three or four of them at a time to use for just a small job. I remember watching her once and thinking that, some day when I am rich, one of the luxuries I was going to allow myself was to use nothing but paper towels and lots of them.

Well I haven’t arrived at that point yet but now I find that, in most cases, a rag seems to do a better job.

I also compared the cost of each of these cleaning solutions.

Conclusion: If you switch from Bounty Full Sheets to Great Value Everyday Strong you would save 50% on paper towels.

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If you use 1 roll of paper towels per day, it works out to 5/year!We will be sharing more later in this post about how to spend less on paper towels by using rags more.Some people are afraid of using rags, thinking that they’ll be spreading germs around as they clean, but as long as you wash them regularly, and be cautious about not continuing to clean with one that has been in contact with raw meat or something, you’ll be fine and you’ll be able to save a lot of money.If you look at the cost of using towels, rags and cleaning cloths, you could also save a lot of money if you used those items at least some of the time instead of using even the cheap paper towels.If you’d like to see some of my tests in my search for cheap paper towels, here is our show where I’m demonstrating how well each kind of paper towels cleans up spills.If you use 1 roll of paper towels per week, it works out to /year!I did this test to compare how well different brands of paper towels work, along with how well different kinds of rags and cleaning cloths work.I don’t use all that many paper towels, so it never occurred to me that it might be a big part of a family budget.In my test, I discovered that the paper towels that many people expected to be cheapest were not.Even when you buy cheap paper towels, the cost will add up if your family is wasting them.You can save a lot if you keep the paper towels underneath the kitchen sink in a cabinet and put rags in a more convenient location so the family is inclined to grab them first.

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