Business Systems Planning

A company's data is a valuable asset and its nature can't easily be changed.As a result, the data has a major influence on the kind of information systems that are required.If the company has manufacturing, the information system has to include production planning.

Sometimes the processes themselves require re-engineering to let them work with information systems.An IS planning and management study should be conducted.When the organization has finished its work on processes and data classes, it should explore the functions and goals of the system with a list of requested departmental changes and a cost analysis.BSP utilizes a top-down approach with bottom-up implementation of a process designed to translate the organization's business strategy to IS strategy.(IBM, 1984) Because of the importance of top management involvement with the process, an assessment of top management's commitment is conducted before beginning the process.A key question for the planning of information systems is the nature of the company's data processing requirements.Large volumes of complex data need different systems than flat, simple databases or mailing lists.The organization then reorders processes according to the product (or service) life cycle.A number of criteria (costs and development time, for example) establish the best sequence of system implementation.These business plans are the initial input for the information systems plan and influence the types of systems that the company will consider.Once the overall orientation of the information system is clear from the strategic plan, the business systems planning process has to look at what the company does.

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