Business Strategic Plans Solving Problems With Systems Of Linear Equations

“The times when I needed to be flexible were when we met strategic plan goals ahead of time and had to rewrite the plan to keep it current and relevant.” It’s important to be adaptable because nothing stays the same.“It’s more important to be agile and take advantage of opportunities that weren’t foreseen and make adjustments,” says Morris.If you have a hard time sticking to your plans, you’ll have an equally hard time meeting your goals.

“A coach can rekindle the resolve and ambition of the leader, resulting in a recovery of lost margins, sales, or output.” According to Hartley, a coach can build accountability by questioning what’s working, making sure everything’s on track, pointing out areas of underperformance, and asking what corrective action needs to be pursued. Just as challenges will arrive, so too will opportunities, and you must be ready at a moment’s notice to amend your plan. “A strategic plan will likely need to be changed very soon after approval because nobody can accurately predict anything but the very near term future,” says Jim Morris, owner and President of The Alternative Board, Tennessee Valley.

Yes, creating a strategic plan is challenging, and it’s certainly time-consuming, but it will make all the difference in achieving your long term goals.

You’ll avoid making bad decisions and expending more effort than you need.

Having a focused plan allows you to focus your energies, so you’re working on your business, rather than in it.

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to steer the ship, not put out day-to-day fires.

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