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(But most HR support systems have gone to hosted applications now, so this was less of an issue.) A disaster-recovery-as-a-solution (DRaa S) service would quickly solve the issues, regardless, providing straightforward redundancy for critical systems.

Related to HR were the servers that fed training content to employees, which were relegated to the “toast” category.

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This way, your IT staff already know where to spend effort and what to put on the back burner when disaster strikes.

On the other hand, the probability of a long-duration regional power outage affecting the entire eastern interconnection grid is far less likely but would have an enormous impact.

Risk impact analyses usually include: The spreadsheet used for a risk assessment can be made more elaborate by adding up the impact scores (1-3) and then multiplying by probability (1-3) to produce an overall score (here, the max score is 27).

A big part of business continuity and disaster recovery planning is just deciding what to recover.

Certainly, it’s “simpler” to just plan to recover all operations for all applications, regardless of any individual application’s level of importance to business continuity.

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