Business Planning Meeting

Two days is not a lot of time to accomplish these minimum standards, so ensure that you have a clear agenda that has been socialized ahead of time to mitigate any wasted time in session. However, the leaders need to align first on the high-level constraints for success.

In preparation for a recent strategic planning session that I facilitated, I conducted several calls with the organizational leadership to “define the constraints”.

Change is hard, and humans are naturally built to .

The right strategic plan for 2017 will undoubtedly include change, and we need to create the case for change now in order to spur the teams to action.

The negative trends identified in Debriefs will help your teams to see that their current trajectory will not take them to the levels of success to which they aspire. Identify the key stakeholders who must be present in the planning session.

This creates a sense of urgency and necessity that the strategic planning session would otherwise lack. “Key Stakeholders” are any groups or team members that will play a pivotal role in executing the strategy.

Depending on how your organization grants vacation time, .

However, there are critical steps that you need to take before the strategic planning session ever occurs.

The following are the preparatory activities we recommend to enable a successful strategic planning session: 1. In order to create an effective strategic plan for 2017, we need to know what worked (and what didn’t! Conduct Debriefs with your team members to identify the best practices to scale and the mistakes to eradicate in the future.

However, defining our strategic objectives and a path to achieve them will pay enormous dividends in the long run. Once you’ve identified the key stakeholders, ensure that you have participants from at least three echelons of “rank”.

In the military, we bring at least one representative from the Generals group (strategic leaders), one from the Mid-level officer group (middle managers) and one from the frontline warrior group (operators) to the planning session.

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