Business Plan Pro Complete V 12

This software provides lots of industry info and sample plans to help give you a feel for what a good business plan should look like.

These forms can help you hire independent contractors, prepare minutes for a corporation or LLC, or rent a commercial space. However, it will still be perfectly serviceable for many people who need to create a business plan for their new small business.

Price: 9.53 (10 percent off) Want a business planning tool that lets you cross-check your plan against your actual progress in the real world?

Live Plan is a subscription-based web service that is cloud-based, making it ideal for businesses where the partners aren’t always working out of the same office.

Quicken Legal Business Pro 2014 comes with over 140 customizable legal contracts and forms.

In addition, the software comes packed with the searchable text of six different business ebooks, including .

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